Tyler Rod & Gun Club By-Laws

Click here to download the PDF version of the By-Laws — trgc-by-laws

  1. Election of officers will be held the last regularly scheduled meeting in June of each year. Officers to be elected shall be President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and one or two three year member(s) of the House Committee elected to fill the fiuce committee positions on a rotating basis each year with one vacancy every third year.
  1. Meeting time and date will be the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month with the meeting starting at 8:00 PM (DST) and 7:30 PM (EST) unless canceled by the president.
  1. The following must be present to constitute a quorum. The president or in his absence the 1st or 2nd Vice President and at least five members in good standing.
  1. The president is automatically a co-chairman of all committees either elected or appointed. Committees consisting of three members or less have the co-chair appointed by the president. If a committee has more than three members, the committee members shall elect the co-chairman. A co-chairman not functioning to this elected capacity may be replaced by another vote of the committee.
  1. Membership dues will be $25 per year and payable during the month of July. During the months of August and September, a member who has not paid his dues shall be considered delinquent and after September 30th, will be dropped from membership.
  1. A person within one year of being dropped from membership, may be reinstated by paying one year’s dues plus a penalty equal to one year’s dues. This allows reinstatement without paying an initial fee again.
  1. A member in the Armed Forces will be carried as a member (without dues) until discharged from the service.
  1. A member’s dependent child, who is at least 15 years of age, but has not yet reached their 16th birthday may join the club by paying only the yearly dues. Upon or after their 16th birthday, all entry fees and dues must be paid in order to become a member.
  1. When a member is in good standing has paid dues for 10 consecutive years and attained an age of at least 65, that person shall be issued a free lifetime membership.
  1. A new member can join the club in June by paying the current entry fee plus one year’s dues for the 13 months of the coming year.
  1. A new member can join the club in the month of December or thereafter by paying the current entry fee and a sum equal to on-half of one year’s dues.
  1. A member elected or appointed to any office or committee, if absent four meetings straight, can be replaced by the membership present, unless due to sickness, work or vacation. Then the member must notify the club.
  1. A member’s dues that are delinquent shall not participate in any private club activities.
  2. A member arrested and convicted in any game or fishing violation can be punished by the club.
  3. Use of bottles or cans for target or destruction of club property shall be prohibited at all times.
  4. Any person consuming or who has consumed alcoholic beverages shall be disqualified from all activities shooting (including archery, etc.) and handling of guns on club property.
  5. Fighting or violence on club property is prohibited.
  6. When buying or selling club property, or borrowing more than $1000, a special meeting shall be called and all members in good standing will be notified.
  7. A member in violation of the by-laws shall have a hearing before the house committee.
  8. Copies of the by-laws shall be printed. One copy shall be posted on the bulletin board at the clubhouse and the officers shall get one copy each.
  9. The house committee will consist of five elected members with staggered terms of three years duration so that a max of two new committee members will be elected each year. One alternate committee member will be appointed by the president each year. Vacancies during a term will be filled by appointments by the president until the next election.
  10. All honorary members shall not share in any club property.
  11. Three black balls or more in a ballot for membership shall disqualify said applicant. Once disqualified, the applicant shall not be permitted to submit another application for a period of three months following such disqualification.
  12. A member in good standing having paid regular membership for ten consecutive years, may obtain a paid-up life membership upon paying a fee equal to ten times the yearly dues.
  13. All motions which involve spending of club monies shall first be referred to the house committee for their recommendation before being voted upon at a regular meeting. Motions considered by the president to be of an urgent nature because of a time factor may by-pass this stipulation.
  14. The normal entry initiation shall be the sum equal to two times of the yearly dues but in no case less than $50.
  15. To amend the by-laws of the Tyler Rod & Gun Club, a motion must be made at a meeting with the by-law changes read. The changes must be brought up at the next regular meeting and posted in the minutes. At the third meeting, the changes must be brought up on the floor again and then and only then can a vote be taken on the changes. A two-thirds majority is needed to make changes.